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About Me

Hello and welcome to Mandala Placenta Encapsulation.

Mandala Placenta Encapsulation was established in 2017 and has grown rapidly to be the first choice placenta remedies service provider for hundreds of families across the midlands.

Mandala Placenta Encapsulation is owned by me, Louise Rostock and I’m delighted you have found my website.

I am a fully certified, professionally trained Placenta Remedies Specialist with IPEN which means I have trained and work to the highest possible standards of hygiene, safety and client care.  I also hold a 5* hygiene rating awarded by Environmental Health.

As a mother of 3 children, I believe strongly that women and birthing parents should have the right to choose to benefit from all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients their wonderful placenta has to offer them.

Here at Mandala Placenta Encapsulation I want the clients to feel that they are not only special but that they are my number one priority – because they are! 

I am very proud to say that midwives and birth professionals regularly feel confident in recommending Mandala Placenta Encapsulation services to the families they work with.

You can be certain not only of a very safe and professional service but also a friendly, caring and reliable one.

I will always be on hand to answer any questions that come up before or after your baby arrives.

My hope is that by choosing me to provide your placenta remedy services you will feel supported and cared for.  It’s a true honour to play a small role in my clients birth story, and I always want that role to be remembered as a positive and empowering experience.

If you would like to have a listen to a podcast in which I feature, please click below, we talk about the process, remedies and benefits of Placenta Encapsulation.

Placenta Benefits

The placenta is a rich source of iron, amino acids and essential fats which are the perfect replenishment following labour.

The placenta also contains lots of amazing hormones nutrients and minerals including:


Replenishes iron levels.


 Promotes lactation.


Combats stress and unlocks energy stores.


Helps with pain and encourages bonding and needed to produce breast milk.


Stimulates the production of endorphins which help increase well-being.


Supports cellular healing of the skin and body.


 An Immune booster that helps protect against postpartum infections.

New Mothers and birthing parents who have taken placenta capsules reported:

  • A boost in their energy levels and feelings of vitality.
  • A healthy and increased milk supply and have found their milk to come in faster.
  • Reduced bleeding following the birth.
  • Faster Recovery from the birth.
  • Avoidance or reduction of Postnatal depression or baby blues.
  • Returning back to their pre-pregnancy figure faster.
  • Balance in hormonal peaks and drops.
  • Improvement in the appearance of skin hair and nails


The History

Placenta Encapsulation and remedies certainly make placenta consumption much more palatable however it is not a new or current ‘fad’, placenta remedies are an important part of birthing history (consuming placenta following birth is even mentioned in the bible!). 

Here are a few interesting facts..

One of the first and greatest medical and pharmaceutical experts of China, Li Shi-Zhen, included placenta zi he chi as a medicine in his first TCM Materia Medica published in 1578.  The placenta is considered a powerful and sacred medicine – a ‘full of life force’ organ that should be consumed to support a healing mother after birth.

There is scattered documentation of dried placenta prescribed as a remedy in Europe during the 1700’s. However, it wasn’t until the mid 1980’s when Raven Lang, an American midwife who studied TCM,  brought back this lost tradition by promoting placenta remedies during a MANA conference in America

In Europe The commercial use of “placenta extract” found in some cosmetics, such as facial cream, is sold in France. In 1994, Britain banned the practice of collecting placentas in hospitals from unsuspecting mothers, after it was learned that 360 tons of it were annually being bought and shipped by French pharmaceutical firms. They used it to make a protein, albumin, for burns and to make enzymes to treat rare genetic disorders

More recently research has been done at the Jena University in Germany in 2018 where they found the placenta to be a source of hormones, minerals and nutrients and felt that placenta remedies could not be discounted in effecting mood and wellbeing without further investigation.  

Information sourced by Independent Placenta Encapsulation Network

Placenta Remedies 

When you book with Mandala Placenta Encapsulation, you are my number 1 priority, as such I offer a 24 hour collection service 365 days a year.

You will be provided with a chiller pack containing everything you need for safe storage of your placenta, ahead of your estimated due date (around 37  weeks) at no additional cost.

All prices below include collection and delivery within a 20 mile radius (40 miles in total) of LE8 5SL, additional mileage is charged at £0.45p per mile upon receipt of your booking form.

Your Placenta capsules will be returned to you either in person or via Royal Mail’s special delivery service so you can expect to receive them back very quickly and you can start making the most of all the benefits your precious placenta has to offer you as soon as possible following the birth of your beautiful baby.

The capsules we use are size 0 and are vegetarian and vegan friendly.

You will receive a free keepsake made from your baby’s umbilical cord.  Or alternatively choose to have your baby’s cord transformed into artwork for an extra special keepsake memory.

There is no extra charge if you are expecting more than one baby!

Placenta Encapsulation

There are 2 methods of placenta encapsulation, we have found both to be incredibly effective.

The Simple Dehydrated Method £195.00

Also known as the raw method of encapsulation.

The placenta is not steamed but placed directly into the dehydrator, then ground into a fine powder and encapsulated.

This form of encapsulation is the most popular and considered by new parents to be very energising.


The Steamed Method £195.00

This is method is inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine teachings as is also know as the TCM method. 

The placenta is steamed and infused with ginger, chilli and lemon, chosen for their balancing properties, it is then dehydrated and ground into a fine powder before being placed into capsules.

I will always steam your placenta if meconium is present at birth or if you test positive for Group B Strep as a safety precaution.

This method of encapsulation is considered to be calming and balancing.

50/50 capsules £225.00

If both methods of placenta encapsulation appeal you can have your placenta prepared half one way and half the other.

Tincture £75.00

Placenta Tincture is made from a piece of placenta steeped in very strong alcohol the same way as flower rescue remedies are made. 

It is really useful for all sorts of hormone balancing, including PMS. 

It’s a really strong remedy made over a 6 week period, it can last an indefinite amount of time if stored in a cool dark place. Some women have even stored it to support them through menopause.

Homeopathic Remedies £70.00

Homeopathic’s, are remedies that heal on a vibrational, energetic level.

Homeopathic placenta remedies are special because you receive two, one for you and one for your baby your babies tablets are the size of a pin head and dissolve easily on the tongue and you can reorder them so they really are a placenta remedies that can last a life time.

Your remedy can be used to support you when you feel emotional, stressed, experiencing loss, grief or hormonal imbalances.

Your baby’s remedy can be used as your child’s constitutional remedy for life since it was their life-giving source for their time in-utero. It contains the blue print of his/her energetic make-up and hence, the amazing ability to bring balance and illicit healing from within when illness, disease, emotional challenges, or difficult life transitions arise.

If you book homeopathy, I will send a small sample of your placenta to my registered homeopath and she will then prepare and post on your remedies to you. You can expect to receive them in around two weeks from the date I collect your placenta.

Smoothie £40.00

Having a smoothie can be the quickest way to get the vitamins, minerals, nutrients and hormones back into your body.
Birthing parents that have consumed a smoothie report feeling energised very quickly after consumption. 
It can also be a great way to reduce your post natal bleeding and bring your milk supply in quicker.
A handful of berries, a banana, mineral water and a piece of placenta, delicious.

Placenta Oil £45.00

Your powdered placenta is steeped with organic apricot kernel oil, other oils are available.

You can add a few drops of the oil to balms, creams or massage oil.  It will work wonders on nappy rash or your skin, can be used on scars, stretchmarks and well as the face!

Placenta Print & Cord Artwork

A print of your placenta can be taken ahead of the preparation process

Framed £25.00

Unframed £10.00               

Cord Artwork £35.00


You can make the most of all the amazing benefits your placenta has to offer you while saving money with one of our great value packages.

Mandala Plus Package £340.00

50/50 Encapsulation

Placenta Homeopathy

Placenta Tincture

Placenta Oil

Mandala Choice Package £290.00

Single Method of Encapsulation

Your choice of Placenta Homeopathy or Tincture

Placenta Oil

Mandala Combo Package £250.00

Single Method of Encapsulation

Your choice of Placenta Homeopathy or Tincture


Holly from Bassetlaw

Louise is so helpful.  Always there for any question & query.

She is part of the birthing experience and so caring about your journey too.

Louise is passionate about the powerful placenta & it’s health benefits which means you can’t help but get excited about all the goodness you’ll feed back into your body. 

So grateful to you. Would recommend to anyone.  It was my first baby and I feel so supported and lucky I had such a pleasant experience.

Thanks again Louise.

March 2022 

Victoria from Burton

Amazing service and lovely lovely lady.  Louise travelled at 4am to collect my placenta and my capsules were delivered 2 days after, super speedy!

I’ve felt a lot more energetic and happier in comparison to my first birth where I didn’t use placenta

February 2022.

Rachel from Birmingham

Louise was excellent, answered all my questions beforehand, she arrived very quickly at the hospital after birth and I received my capsules a few days later. I have felt great since receiving my capsules.  I have had no baby blues and handled the lack of sleep very well as they have given me more energy.

I would definitely do this again if I have more children.

Thank you.

November 2023

Amy from Derby

Louise is wonderful!! She came out of her way the very same day we were in touch and made my wishes happen. I cannot thank you enough Louise!!! 

This is the best decision I have made regarding my well being following the birth of my third baby. 

On reflection knowing what I know now I should have done this before, I am just really pleased I did this time around.

I have felt they are my happy pills giving me genuine happy feels after taking each dose.

I have had more energy and general well being by taking my capsules compared to my previous births. I’m now on the last few and feel sad they are finished.

I highly recommend encapsulation of your placenta and the service Louise provides. 

What an amazing experience start to finish!!

January 2022.

Holly from Coventry

Louise was really helping when I was booking her and it was very easy to add products when In decided I wanted more. 

The pack sent ton us had everything we needed in and was easy to understand what needed to be done with the placenta.

On the day, she was easy to contact and arrived at the hospital quickly. The capsules arrived 2 days later.  I was so happy they arrived quickly so I could start getting the benefits straight away.

Everything after birth went a lot better then I thought it would.  No heavy bleeding, no baby blues and easy breastfeeding.

Some people are a bit unsure about the idea of placenta capsules / products.  I didn’t even see the placenta in hospital, the midwives dealt with everything. The capsules are just like taking any other tablet. Don’t let the idea put you off, it really is worth it.

I would 100% recommend Louise and would do the same again if I have another baby.

June 2023

Vicki from Leicester

Louise was fantastic. She answered all queries very quickly and was really passionate and knowledgeable about placenta encapsulation.

I believe the tablets really helped me in various ways and would definitely recommend to others.

Thanks again Louise.

July 2023.

Grace from Leicestershire

Louise was absolutely brilliant. She answered all of my questions very quickly via email, brought everything round so I was prepared and arrived only 40 minutes after my placenta was delivered.

Louise brought my capsules round 18 hours later.  She was so kind, caring and supportive, I couldn’t ask for a better service. The beautiful art she made with the umbilical cord is so special and such a wonderful added touch.

I had postpartum thyroiditis after my first baby but I haven’t with my second and I believe that’s partly down to encapsulating my placenta.

I was over the moon with the service and even happier with how I felt taking my capsules.

Thank you so very much Louise xxx

December 2022

Health and Hygiene

Health and Hygiene are of paramount importance and safety will always come first.

Placenta Encapsulation and Remedies services are categorised as food businesses in the UK and as such by law, placenta remedy specialists need to register with their local environmental health office.  My business is registered and inspected by Blaby Council.

As far as I am aware, I am currently the only placenta Remedy specialist based in Leicestershire that has legally registered with their local environmental health office.

You can be assured that your placenta will be treated with the utmost care and safely prepared in my dedicated workspace.

I am fully qualified in infection control, food hygiene and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and fully insured with BGi insurance.

All equipment and the workspace are thoroughly sanitised and disinfected.

There will only ever be one placenta in the dedicated work space at any one time in order to avoid risk of cross contamination.

Certificates, Qualifications and Awards

Contact Us

If you would like more information on Placenta Encapsulation, a chat or to make a booking, please click the below button to contact us.

If you could include your name, contact number and baby’s estimated due date along with your message we will get back to you as soon as possible

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